Sunday, April 17, 2011

Knitting Sox

I've been busy. Really busy. Writing, grading, and teaching have kind of taken over. But I have also found room for a new hobby. I learned to knit! I took a class over at River Knits.
Knitting class

We learned to make socks, and I am currently working on my third pair! I made some for myself.
First sockFirst sock

And I made some for my husband.
Husband's socks

And I'm working on a third pair for myself again. It's a wonderful thing to do while waiting like in dentists' and doctors' offices, or in the airport and airplane. I also always knit in front of the tube - it's relaxing while still making me feel productive. Socks feel like a great project because they're small enough to bring everywhere, so useful when completed, and easy to try new things with. My current pair are getting a spiral textural pattern and I'm planning on trying cables next and color work after that! Just watch, in July, I'll be sitting outside, in the sun, knitting wool socks. Heaven help me I've caught the knitting bug.


  1. 3rd pair?? I still haven't finished the 1st pair from that class (ok, but started on 2 other pairs and other knitting projects as well lol).

  2. oops, just remember there were 2 Pam's in that class. I was the hat-wearing Pam :D

  3. Haha, hat-wearing-Pam, it sounds like you've got a lot of knitting going on too!

  4. Socks look awesome! Post pictures of the cables when you have them. :)