Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Camera..err..Phone

Both my and Nick's cameras have been malfunctioning recently. I thought of buying a new camera after Christmas, but Nick had the ingenious idea of getting fancy new phones with higher quality cameras included. Brilliant, said I, since my then current phone was about two years old. So we got HTC Evos. They're indeed very fancy.
Phone on sleeve
Unfortunately the camera lens sticks out on the back, so if you put it down on a table, it could get scratched.
We bought cases for our phones, but they would take a while to arrive, so I made some quick and dirty little pouches for our phones.
Phone sleeve
Mine is made of fabric remnants of a dress I made las summer. Someone saw it and thought it was a Vere Bradley design. I don't know about that, but it is easy to find in a big black bag.
Phone sleeve
Nick's is made out of remnants from a pair of PJ pants I made him last year.

I think these each took me about 15 minutes to make using my sewing machine, but because they are so small, you could probably make them entirely by hand too. If anyone is interested in seeing a tutorial for how to make these, post a comment and I'll write out the tutorial.

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