Thursday, February 10, 2011

I intentionally the whole fruit!

The whole thing I tell you!
It's winter, so it's citrus time. I recently made a cake made of entire clementines (peel, pith, and all) as well as a lemon tart/pie made with an entire lemon. How appealing. Oh that was such a bad joke. Sorry, I've been grading papers all morning.
So the clementine cake was certainly interesting. The entire fruits were boiled for two hours, then cut in half.
Boiled fruit
I pulsed them in my food processor until they liquefied, then added sugar, ground almonds, baking powder, and eggs in the machine and processed all that.
I then baked the cake for a bit too long so it got all cracked.
Cracked cake
So I decided to cover it in frosting made by melting chocolate and adding it so sour cream along with vanilla and corn syrup for sweetness.
Frosting hides the cracks
The whole cake has a total of 9 ingredients, 4 of which are in the frosting! It tasted alright, but it was actually a bit too intensely clementine-y. The next day, it actually tasted a lot better, and could even be eaten for breakfast - the ingredient are pretty healthy.

I just finished making a lemon tart, but I didn't have the correct pan, so it's really a pie. It's a lemon tart pie.
Tart crust
This time I just cut up a single lemon, and threw it in the food processor with sugar butter, eggs, cornstarch and salt. Presto, into the tart/pie shell, and into the oven. I haven't actually tasted it yet, but it smells pretty intense too. I'm waiting for it to cool, and for dinner to be eaten. We'll see how it goes tonight!
Lemon tart pie
Edit: It was very good! Not too intense at all.

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