Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sharing is Caring

I spend a lot of time on those there internets. There are tons of sites that I love and visit regularly, like Girls with Slingshots, Go Chic or Go Home, and Feministing. Uh oh, the secret's out, I'm a feminist. I believe in equal rights for everyone. Crazy, I know. And surely you already know about my complete and total obsession with Smitten Kitchen.

But what about all those other, smaller blogs. You know, the ones with 100, 50, or even fewer followers. Uh, like mine. If you would like to know more about some of these blogs, here's some good news for both of us. Jackie of My Caribbean Closet nominated me for a Liebster Award. A quick note about Jackie - she is one stylish lady. My goodness. I just love this monochromatic outfit. Perfect for work or a night out. Or both! Double duty awesomeness.

The Liebster award business goes like this. In German, Liebster means "dearest" or beloved. The award is intended to highlight some wonderful, but lesser known blogs (200 followers or fewer). This way, bloggers can recognize one another and share the love! In order to accept the nomination, I'll share 11 facts about myself, answer the 11 questions Jackie put forth, ask 11 of my own, and link to my favorite lesser known blogs that I like to keep up with.

Fun facts about me:
1. I was one of the 5 shortest kids in my class until the 7th grade. I'm 5'9" now.
2. I started dressing myself at 3 years of age. My mother thinks I clashed, but I think she was using the wrong colour wheel.
3. English is my second language, after French.
4. When I was a kid, I used to be able to switch from a Qébécois accent, to a northern French one.
5. My favorite food is desert, but my least favorite deserts are chocolate.
6. I think I pronounce "Likert" wrong. (It's supposed to have a short "i" like lick.)
7. I conduct social scientific research focusing on conflict, gender, culture, and social perceptions, but I consider this blog an escape from that work.
8. The best part about cake is cake. The worst is frosting.
9. I impulse buy tie-neck blouses (i.e. secretary blouses).
10. The only things I've knit for myself that I like enough to wear are socks. They're really nice socks, though.
11. I start Christmas shopping in February. That is the ONLY thing I don't procrastinate on.

Q&A time: 
1. What is the best advice you ever received? 
"Trempes ton pain dans la sauce." Translation: "Dip your bread in the sauce." It's always a good idea.
2. Tell us about your blog: What type of camera do you use for your photos, and do you have help or take your own pictures? 
I take the majority of my own pictures with my little Canon PowerShot (ELPH 300 hs). It's nothing fancy, but it is red. Sometimes my husband will take photos if I'm in them.
3. What are your five "go to" pieces in your wardrobe?
4. If you could meet/interview any one person, living or dead, who would it be and why? 
David Lebovitz because he has so much expertise and experience but yet still seems down to earth and easy to talk to. If I wasn't such a nerdy fangirl, I think it would be Joss Whedon, but if I met him, I would probably loose all ability to speak.
5. What "gadget" can you not live without (e.g. camera, laptop, iphone, can opener ;) )? 
My food processor. Whatever, I don't need a phone. I do need easy cakes and home-made mayonnaise.
6. Saturday or Sunday? 
Saturday - there is this time... to procrastinate.
7. Winter or Summer? 
Winter, of course. So many more fashion options! Plus, baking is better when it's cold outside.
8. Salty or sweet? 
Sweet. I have a special (imaginary) second stomach dedicated solely to dessert. So even if I'm full on dinner (or lunch) I will still have room for dessert.
9. What is your favorite holiday? 
New Year's - there never seems to be any drama, just sparkles and bubbles.
10. In your opinion, what is your best trait or feature? 
My enthusiasm. If I don't like you, at least I'll be enthusiastic about it (jk... kind of).
11. What do you wish people knew about you?
I prefer directness to tact. Just tell me, already.

Sharing the love:

Plenty of fresh recipes at Kitten with a Whisk
American cooking in England with Linzers in London
Fashion and food together at Botanical Curator
Real city looks with Cheap & Chic in Chicago
Style and sass at Everyday Runway
Coordinated colour with Matchy Matchy Midlife
Practical and whimsical sewing with Sugardale
Crafts of every kind from Ohoh Blog
Pretty paper crafts at Inspiration Found
Witty commentary from Tip Top Shape
Soulful throughts with Zizzivivizz
A peek on the other side of academe in From Grad School to Happiness

Questions for my nominees:
1. What is your current obsession?
2. What food do think everyone should try at least once?
3. What is your favorite dish?
4. What is your favorite town/city?
5. Your ideal vacation spot: beach or lake?
6. What makes you cringe?
7. What was your biggest surprise?
8. What colour is your favorite room?
9. What book made you laugh out loud?
10. What's the last movie that made you cry?
11. What changes have you made in your life that you are most proud of?

 Thanks for reading, and I hope you check out some of those other blogs!


  1. So excited to be a part of this!! I'll do my post in a few days :D

  2. Thanks Nathalie! However, Jackie awarded you and I at the same time, so I've already done my bit to further Leibster! If you want to see my answers to her questions... just go to my post here..

    Thanks for thinking of me though!!!


  3. Thanks for the nomination! I will post my answers soon... probably Saturday, when there's time for procrastination ;) I'm off to explore more of your blog now!